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Under the hat, Officer Flake found a cell phone with recorded images of the night in question. The photos revealed that Snow Girl had accompanied Ducky to a secret meeting with the Snow Prince, the true love of her life. Snow Girl was so happy that she gave Ducky a loving hug and indeed, Ducky melted, just a little bit. His hat, scarf, glasses, etc., fell to the ground. But he didn’t mind. He was happy to be able to reunite the Snow Prince with Snow Girl. But something was lurking in the shadows. A sad looking peeping tom named “M” was hiding behind the bushes. Why? Because “M”, who passes by day as Mrs. Melted Mush, is in reality the cruel Snow Queen! And it was she who sent the Huntsman to kill Snow Girl. But the Huntsman felt compassion for the young princess after he got to know her and therefore could not bring himself to harm her. (The Huntsman is played by the Australian actor, Chris Hemfrost, who uses hair extensions for his movies. In this story he has Rasta dreadlocks. Real big ones!) So instead, “M” looked into her magic mirror and learned that by giving Snow Girl a poison Poinsettia she would melt into the sleeping death. She layed the flower near the tree where Snow Girl found it and picked it up just before she gave Ducky a big warm hug. Then, indeed, both Snow Girl and Ducky melted into a big puddle of water. Ducky’s snowmen friends could not bring themselves to let the young beauty and Ducky evaporate in the morning sun, so they decided instead to freeze the puddle into an ice cube adorned with poinsettia flowers and golden snow balls. The Huntsman learned of the Snow Queen’s evil deed and told the Prince that Snow Girl was not really dead but only under a sleeping spell and that only a warm, loving kiss, and a true poinsettia flower given to Snow Girl would wake her from her sleep. The Prince rushed to the beauty’s resting place and gave the ice cube a warm, loving kiss and the flower. Miraculously, the ice cube melted and reformed into the beautiful Snow Girl who was overjoyed at seeing her prince by her side. Ducky was also reformed at the same time! Officer Ice Flake went to see “M” to find out why she did this to the princess. “M” spilled the beans and in tears, told the officer that she had become jealous of beauty and young love. She was now too old, and had to wear a veil over her face in public. The officer said to her, “There is nothing wrong about getting old, it is part of life.” So M” lifted her veil and asked for forgiveness. At that exact moment, her true beauty came to light. Not as a young queen, but as a wise and kind queen. She was beautiful indeed! Office Flake fell, head-over-heels, in love with her! She gave the Snow Queen crown to Snow Girl, for now she was truly happy that she found a loving companion. Huggable Ducky and Snow Ball were reunited and are very happy now. Snow Girl went to live with her Snow Prince in her Snow Castle in Canada. They also got second home in Jamaica that is kept just 9 degrees below 0 Celsius and lived happily ever after. Chris Hemfrost cut off his dread locks and now is looking better than ever and getting ready for another movie production in Australia. His hair extensions were sold and fetched a price of 100.000.00 Euros. The money helped pay off the debt of all the gold snowballs the village snowmen used for Snow Girl’s ice cube and he had enough left over to buy the snowmen a gold mine and little cottage. Have a wonderful holiday season fill with Joy and a Happy New Year in 2014. With the coolest of warm regards, Edward Hoyer and the Snowmen: Blick, Flick, Glick, Plick, Whick, Queek and Snick (alias Ducky) All copy rights to the author Edward Robin Hoyer
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