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WHO MELTED “DUCKY”, THE SNOWMAN! A collection of fun Christmas paintings created by Edward Hoyer for the holiday season It is the Christmas of 2012. Is Ducky simply missing or has he been melted? “Snow Girl did it!” said Miss Lady Night in a statement released to the snow police by this outstanding member of the winter community. Two identical scarves were found at the scene of the crime; one tied to a lamp post in the middle of the sunniest area of the park, and the other scarf lay on the ground nearby in the middle of a big cube of ice, along with a pair of glasses, 4 pebbles, two carrots, four branches and two hats and a single poinsettia flower. “Snow Ball’, Ducky’s faithful dog, was also found, tied under a nearby tree. “ If he could only talk”, said officer Ice Flake, “we would have this wrongdoing solved at once”. “I can guarantee that Snow Girl tied Ducky to the lamp post with her green scarf, exclaimed the Ice Queen . Why was she the only snow girl that did not wear her “bling bling” that evening and chose instead to wear a simple green scarf similar to the one Ducky was wearing”? “Simplicity Iceberg”, (center top) added a final statement. “We were each paired with two handsome snowmen, but Snow Girl was stuck with only Ducky for the night. I saw her batting her big eyelashes at the Snow Princes and the hunky Huntsman too. She must have been green with envy and should have used more bling-bling if she wanted to have a double date and fun! In the case of the mysterious disappearance of Ducky, Snow Girl stands as the primary suspect in the line up of mug shots taken by the snow police. A secret agent, alias, “The Huntsman 007”, has been sent by Mrs. Melted Mush otherwise known as “M” to assist the snow police in the matter. Pictures of Ducky, before and after, will be released later along with a summons for all to attend the trial of the guilty party on November 9th and 10th. Candid images of all the suspects depicted in the various activities that took place during the night in question will be on display. A word of caution: Children should be the main witnesses of these photographs; adults may experience light headedness and should only view them if accompanied by a child. Many new mug shots are being produced daily by the artist Ed the Elf to assist in solving the case. Hand Made candles and the image of Snow Baby “J” have also been produced, should you wish to light a candle for the safe return of our beloved Ducky. Copies of the mug shot line up have conveniently been formatted to the size of Christmas postcards for you to send to your loved ones during the holiday season. The more publicized this case becomes the faster we can find Snow Girl. Snow Ball is now suffering from lack of frostiness and it is feared he will not survive the season unless the case is solved. We appreciate all your suggestions on this urgent matter and look forward to your attendance. The story of “WHO MELTED DUCKY THE SNOWMAN” will continue during Christmas of 2013 when a funny unexpected twist takes place in the saga. It turns out Snow Girl was not guilty of melting Ducky after all. But sadly, as a result of a secret love and too many long, warm hugs, she and Ducky melted together into one big puddle. Chapter Two of the story about “Who melted Ducky, The Snowman” Snow Girl’s secret comes to light. The gossip about poor Snow Girl was getting out of hand; being accused of melting Ducky and batting her eyelashes at the Snow Prince and the Huntsman! Officer Ice Flake, who is a dear friend of Snow Girl, decided to take the case and solve the conflicting stories that do not reflect the true character of this young snow beauty. He returned to the scene of the crime and discovered, through DNA testing, that the two carrots were in fact the noses of Ducky and Snow Girl! What really did take place here?
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